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New! Sunbear high-value floor matting!

We’re really excited to announce the newest addition to our Bearmats range of products: Sunbear high-value tufted scraper matting!

Sunbear is a completely new, totally unique product to the Canadian marketplace.  Sunbear is exciting because it combines the high-luxe appearance of a commercial carpet, the hard-wearing vinyl backing of our famous Grizzly FX matting, and the budget-friendliness of all-polypropylene face construction!

Sunbear joins our existing commercial entrance matting product lineups to deliver outstanding value for money in a polypropylene tufted scraper mat.

In stock and ready to go, every one of our Sunbear mats is custom-made to your specific size requirements with no custom upcharge.  Just say no to “standard sizes” that don’t fit your entrance!

Check out our Sunbear page on our website for more info: www.sourcefloor.com/sunbear

Or get in touch with us today to get a new Sunbear mat for your commercial entrance!