The chameleon of floors.


Commercial vinyl flooring now comes in a wider range of styles and appearances than ever before!
The chameleon of floors.

If you haven’t considered vinyl since the days of “battleship linoleum”, you’d be amazed at what’s available! Modern vinyls can convincingly appear to be wood, stone, or even concrete – without all the durability and cost drawbacks of those types of floors.


Vinyl Sheet, Tile, and Plank

Commercial vinyl flooring comes in a massive variety of formats, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each format is typically geared towards a specific application or special purpose.

Vinyl sheet (or “rolled goods”) are solid, long pieces of vinyl that are manufactured and distributed in roll format. Sheet vinyl is best for use in environments that need a sealed flooring surface, like hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens. When properly installed, sheet vinyl is chemically welded together along the seams to make it impermeable to water, moisture, and other liquids.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) are modular products and can be installed in a variety of patterns, like herringbone, quarter-turn, and linear. LVT and LVP come in the widest range of choices, from different appearances, colours, textures, and wear layers. LVT and LVP are the most popular type of vinyl flooring for commercial use as they offer the widest selection and the most flexibility in application.


Design and Appearance

LVT is an ideal choice if you want the appearance of wood in your commercial space without the headaches of extensive maintenance and refinishing. Hardwood floors need to be stripped and refinished on a periodic basis regardless of how well they are cared for. They are also very sensitive to water and moisture and can become warped or “cupped” if exposed to a large spill or flood.

LVT offers none of these disadvantages. Because LVT is made from vinyl it is absolutely waterproof and unaffected by spills or floods. LVT is also produced with a built in “wear layer” that is guaranteed to last for the life of the product, no wax or polish needed!


Durability and Environment

LVT’s best advantage over natural hardwood, marble, or other “real” flooring lies in the surface you actually touch: the sacrificial wear surface. Most “real” flooring needs to be finished after installation by applying a protective layer of top coat – like how you use a kitchen cutting board to protect your countertops! Top coatings on natural floors need to carefully monitored, as they will wear through unevenly in areas of high traffic – and the coating has to be stripped and refreshed before wearing all the way through the final coat. Typically coatings will only last a few years in a commercial environment before needing a major refresh.

Commercially-rated LVT and LVT doesn’t have this drawback. The sacrificial wear surface is applied at the factory and is integral to the tile – there’s nothing to wear off. Some sacrificial wear layers are rated to the same hardness level as diamonds! Some LVTs have 10 – and even 20! – year warranties against wear. You’ll be ready to remodel for a new and style look long before your LVT floor wears out!




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