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5 Reasons Why Franchise Owners Should Use Custom Entrance Mats

Custom entrance matting is important for any business that serves the public, but it’s especially important for franchisees who have to maintain brand standards!¬† Here’s five good reasons why franchise owners should use custom entrance mats:

  1. Increase brand recognition.¬† You’re paying for the rights to use a recognized brand through your franchise fees – why not take maximum advantage of those rights and leverage that brand to the fullest?¬† A custom logo mat can help reinforce your branding right as customers walk through the front door.
  2. Maintain brand standards.  Almost all franchise agreements have stipulations about brand standards regarding storefront appearance.  A high-quality custom entrance mat (like a Grizzly FX or Kermode mat) can help you exceed those minimum requirements and keep your store looking great.
  3. Improve floor safety.¬† A custom¬†Grizzly FX or Kermode mat is meant for commercial levels of foot traffic, and is built with sturdy edging meant to handle heavy traffic loads.¬† Pay attention to the entrance matting at the next chain restaurant or retailer you enter, and see if their rental-grade commodity entrance matting is up to the task…or if it’s flopped over at the corners, lumpy and wrinkled, and just ready to be a tripping hazard!
  4. Differentiate your store from other locations.¬† The advantage of owning a franchise is that everybody knows what you’re selling just from seeing your sign!¬† The disadvantage is that there are lots of other people selling exactly what you’re selling.¬† A custom entrance mat at your front door can help to set your location apart from all the others (and your competition!) by giving your store a feeling of quality and care.
  5. Make maintenance easier and more cost-effective.¬† Custom entrance matting doesn’t improve appearance, it also improves functionality!¬† A commercial-quality custom entrance mat will do a better job trapping and holding the dirt and water tracked in on your customers’ shoes, and will keep your floors less dirty and make them easier to clean.

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