We do more than just the floor! We offer a broad selection of specialty wall protection architectural products from Construction Specialties, like Acrovyn sheets, crash rails, and corner guards.


Why Acrovyn Corner Guards?

No commercial facility is completely safe from damage without covering all angles of an interior wall. Daily traffic can wreak havoc on commercial facilities, but wall corners and other structural protrusions are particularly prone to damage. Industry-recognized Acrovyn Corner Guards are a simple solution to protect these areas and are available in designs and material options to suit every interior need.

Acrovyn Corner Guards are available in an enormous array of styles, colours, mounting types, and other options. Whether you’re fully gutting and renovating a space and need the maximum protection afforded by a built-in suspended-bumper corner guard system, or are just touching up some drywall damage and want to protect the corner with the simplicity of a self-adhesive stick-on corner guard, we can help you find the right model for the job.


Where Do I Use It?

Acrovyn Corner Guards can be used in any areas of your commercial or institutional building with wall corners that require more protection against damage, wear and tear, and abuse than only drywall and paint can provide!

Acrovyn Corner Guards are most commonly used in areas like high traffic service corridors, near freight elevators, loading docks and back-of-house hallways, and other wall corners and intersections that need protection from damage caused by impact. Delivery carts and dollies, wheelchairs and gurneys, housekeeping linen carts and trollies can all cause significant damage to drywall through everyday minor bumps and impacts.

Acrovyn Corner Guards prevent this typical wear-and-tear from turning into expensive and time-consuming drywall and paint repairs.


Sizes and Colours?

Acrovyn Corner Guards come in a massive array of styles, sizes, shapes, types, and colours! It’s best to start with a few fundamental questions:
  1. How tall (from the floor) do you need your corner guards to be?Estimate this height by examining the existing damage that you’re looking to eliminate in the future, or by measuring the carts / trollies / etc. to determine the height at which impact occurs.
  2. How far from the corner edge do you need the corner guard ‘legs’ to extend?
    The ‘legs’ are the protective parts of the corner guard that extend out from the point where the walls meet.  The legs come in different lengths from 1.5” to 4”, depending on how much of the wall you want to protect.
  3. How will you mount the corner guards?
    For retrofit applications, surface-mounted models are usually the best choice.  Surface-mounted corner guards use one of three different mounting methods: adhesive, mechanical (screws or other hardware), or tape.

We can help you find the right corner guards for your building. Get in touch today!




Daria Laforet
Daria Laforet
20:06 18 Feb 22
Excellent service and quality!
Shalue Bharj
Shalue Bharj
23:07 20 Sep 21
I'm a professional graphic designer, and wanted to create strong branding for my client's new auto repair shop. I purchased a new mat with the company logo and it came quickly and had great quality. I worked with Derek, who is responsive, kind and always available. Source Flooring is a great business to work with and I will always recommend them.
15:44 02 Sep 21
It was such a pleasure doing business with Source Floor. They were super responsive, helpful, reliable, and did a great install of the exact product we needed. They also worked within our budget which is always appreciated as we are a non-profit. Highly recommend!
Claire Helm
Claire Helm
20:53 02 Feb 21
These guys are the best! We ordered two of their custom / branded inlaid commercial doormats. Let me just say these are incredible quality, heavy duty design - I'm 100% confident they'll stand the test of time. Service was top notch, shipping and turnaround were unbelievably fast... I honestly can't recommend them enough! And they're Canadian to boot! Can't wait to get these mats to the new office. Thanks Source Floors 🙂
Pat Sullivan
Pat Sullivan
16:32 16 Jan 21
Exceptional quality, service and value! Our custom mat fits perfect, looks great and we couldn't be more impressed with the team at Source Floor & Specialties - would definitely recommend.



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