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The Wrong Entrance Mat is a Hazard

The wrong entrance matting can make a bad situation worse – it can go from being an attempted solution to a problem into being a problem all its own!

We were called out to look at the slippery wetness problems a local grocery store was having at their front entrance this past winter.  Once we arrived, it was easy to diagnose the issue!  The store was using a single 3-foot by 10-foot runner at their main entrance that had been provided by the janitorial company that laundered their butchers’ uniforms.  The runner was bunched up, folded over, and soaking wet (this is Vancouver after all!)  This mat was far from reducing the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident – it had turned itself into an accident waiting to happen!  Just as we were standing there measuring the entrance, two separate customers caught their feet on the runner and nearly tripped…not to mention the trail of soaking-wet footprints that came off the end of it.

Keeping a customer-facing entry clean, dry, and safe should be top of mind.  Do you want your customers to remember how they nearly tripped and fell walking into your store? Keeping entryways spotless is a facility operator’s first line of cleaning defense. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) estimates 80% of the soil, dust and contaminants within a facility enter via the shoes of visitors and building occupants.  ISSA also estimates that it costs an average of $500 to remove a single pound of dirt once it’s tracked inside a building!  But if you can stop that dirt from entering your facility at all with proper entrance matting – or at least concentrate that dirt in a single spot, like at your front door – you can drastically reduce that cost figure.  If you can keep the dirt out, you save on cleaning – and you also protect your floors!

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