Entrance Mats

Will Commercial Heavy Duty Entrance Mats Prevent Water from Passing?

One of your many concerns as a business owner or maintenance manager, is keeping your lobby and entrance ways clean and dry. The goal is to keep your building looking pristine, and minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Even with the most diligent and dedicated maintenance and cleaning crew, it can be almost impossible to keep up with the water tracked in on your patron and employee’s shoes. This might have you considering investing in heavy duty commercial entrance mats to prevent water from passing. However, do they really work?

Do Heavy Duty Commercial Entrance Mats Really Keep Water From Passing?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! However, the key is to invest in a commercial mat—designed for rain, ice, and snow. There are many sizes and options to choose from, but rain mats really need to be on the larger side to adequately trap water. The most advanced of which will capture up to 1.5 gallons of water per mat. When weather is extreme, your maintenance crew may need to swap out the mats periodically throughout the day. Depending on your needs, you may choose to swap your mats our seasonally, but you can certainly keep your rain mats in your lobby all year round.

How Will Volume Of Rain And Foot Traffic Will Help Determine Your Needs?

If you operate a business with a high volume of traffic, you may have to be a bit more strategic about the placement of your heavy duty commercial entrance mats. For example, a high-rise building or busy shopping center often invests in a double mat system, or a zone mat system. For example, you may have your rain mats at the main door, followed by your branded scraper mat or floor runner once inside. Or two ice mats for locations with extreme ice, snow, or rain. You may also opt for floor mats at other key points, such as in front of the elevator where patrons may be standing with their dripping umbrellas. In addition to strategic placement, you may only bring out your rain mats on wet and icy days.

Will You Still Have To Clean Your Lobby With Rain Mats?

Yes, of course you will still need to clean and mop your lobby, even with the most advanced floor mats on the market you will still need to mop up any excess. Not just that, you simply want to clean up any other dirt or debris that finds its way in. However, with our mats you will greatly reduce cleaning frequency—which is a challenge in the midst of peak times. We also advise placing your “Wet Floor” signage in your lobby or entrance way on rainy days to minimize liability and risk.

If you are searching for a way to improve safety, minimize lobby cleaning, and simply make your lobby look its best—year-round and seasonal heavy duty commercial mats are a must. While a small amount of water will pass during peak traffic, and during extreme weather—you will reduce your fall risk substantially by investing in our commercial lobby mats.