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Why is Grizzly Sanitize the best sanitizing mat for daycares?

Now that offices and businesses are starting to reopen, many parents are beginning to need daytime childcare again and daycare facilities are starting to reopen. With nearly every child coming in from a different household, daycares are particularly vulnerable to becoming a hot spot for coronavirus transmission as parents enter and leave to drop off and pick up their children.

The one common touchpoint that absolutely every parent and child comes into contact with is the floor…and the floor is the most frequently-forgotten transmission vector. This is especially important for childcare facilities, as children love to play on the floor!

The best way to keep your daycare’s floors safe and virus-free are by stopping new virus particles right at your front door with a sanitizing mat. But what sanitizing mat is the best for the specific needs of a daycare? Most sanitizing mats are of the open tray type: shallow, moulded rubber or plastic trays that are an inch or two deep, filled with standing pools of sanitizing chemicals…exactly like the water play tables for toddlers so popular with daycares!

Fortunately, there’s a much better choice: Grizzly Sanitize! Grizzly Sanitize is unique because it’s a sponge-style sanitizing mat, not an open tray. Instead of leaving an open puddle of sanitizing chemicals to invite splashy play, Grizzly Sanitize is made of super absorbent nylon that hold sanitizers within the fibres themselves, keeping things neat and tidy. Sanitizing solution is only released as people walk over the mat, and don’t present an invitation to play to curious little hands.

Grizzly Sanitize goes even further that open tray mats too, because it’s still useful after the pandemic worries are over. Grizzly Sanitize is made from the same material as our super heavy duty Grizzly FX entrance matting. That means Grizzly FX’s super absorbent nylon also works in the opposite direction too, cleaning and drying incoming foot traffic on soggy fall and winter days.

Grizzly Sanitize works best when paired with our Vital Oxide sanitizing solution. Vital Oxide has been tested and approved by Health Canada to kill COVID-19, H1N1, HIV, influenza, and other unwanted viruses and bacteria, but it’s so gentle that it can be used as an aerosol spray to ‘fog’ disinfect entire rooms without any health risks. Vital Oxide is even foodsafe on surfaces – without rinsing! And Vital Oxide has been tested and approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute to be safe and non-damaging to your installed floors, unlike bleaches and other grocery store sanitizing options.

Get in touch today to find out how Grizzly Sanitize can add another line of defence to your daycare’s COVID-19 safety plan!