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Why Floor Safety Needs to be a Priority For Your Commercial Kitchen

Did you know that approximately 20% of all workplace injuries are caused by slips, trips, and falls?  They might make for funny YouTube videos, but slips and falls are serious problems!

Workplace slip and fall accidents result in an average of 11 missed days of work, occasionally permanent injury to the worker, and increased WorkSafeBC insurance premiums for the employer.  Slips and falls are an even greater problem in commercial kitchens – all too often, proper safety procedures and methods are overlooked in favour of speed and turnaround times.

Fortunately, increasing the floor safety in your commercial kitchen doesn’t need to be difficult: it starts with the right flooring!

Sometimes, an epoxy coating with embedded grit for traction is the right solution, like this one we did for Parallel 49 Brewing in Vancouver.  In this example, the traction is built right into the flooring for immense grip, even when the floor is purposely flooded.

Other times, a commercial kitchen doesn’t have the budget for a fully new floor – and in that case, a retrofitted solution can be made through the proper kind of rubber kitchen matting.  Interlocking drainage mats like Stand Easy Premier offer a convenient way to get broad floor coverage with lots of dimensional stability and resistance to shifting while in use.  For smaller areas or areas in straight lines like prep lines or dish pits, Competitor Series rubber matting is also a great choice.

In larger retrofit applications, sometimes you have the opportunity to completely re-do an entire kitchen floor.  In cases like this, going with a foodservice-specific resilient floor is ideal; we can flashcove the floor right up on to your walls, creating a watertight seal throughout for easy clean-up at the end of your service night.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can make your commercial kitchen safer and cleaner!

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