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Why are solid colours the worst idea for entrance mats?

When people are choosing between different types of entrance mats for their commercial space, they often make a critical mistake and put “appearance” at the very top of their priority list.  While appearance definitely should play a role in choosing the right mat, it shouldn’t be the only thing to consider at the expense of all others!

The most common difficulty between function and form we see involves mats made from completely solid, monotone colours.  Solid black, solid grey, even solid white(!) – clients (and sometimes even interior designers) will request a completely solid-coloured mat for their entrances.  And while a solid colour for a mat can lend an air of polished sophistication, it only lasts as long as it takes for one person to take that first step across it.

What’s wrong with solid colours?

A photo says a thousand words…here’s a solid black mat on the left, and a Grizzly FX mat in Onyx colour on the right.  They both have the same sized and shaped scraps of paper towel on them.

Can you see the difference?  And can you see that the Grizzly FX mat on the right actually has TWICE as many paper towel scraps on it than the solid black mat does?

Both colours of Grizzly FX have a randomized face pattern that’s purposely designed to camouflage dirt and debris until you vacuum it up with regular maintenance.  Grizzly FX uses a neutral monochromatic colour palette to blend in with every decor, but still is a master at hiding dirt right in front of your eyes.

Solid colour mats do the opposite.  Since they’re a solid monotone, every imperfection and blemish stand out as if they’re being highlighted!

But what about in real life? That’s different!

You’re right – the photo above is under controlled circumstances, and how solid colour mats perform “out in the wild” is a different story altogether.  In fact – it’s even worse!

This photo was taken at a moderately-busy coffee shop in December 2020.  What sort of impression does this mat give you, as a customer?

This was just one of four mats in this coffee shop, and they all looked that filthy.  They don’t make you think very highly of how clean the rest of the cafe might be, do they?

We can help!

We can absolutely help you with your matting needs – that’s our specialty!  Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the right mat for your space – and probably save you money in the long run over your current rental mats!