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What’s the Difference Between Inlay and Printed Logo Mats?

We get asked this question all the time: what’s the difference between inlaid and printed logo mats?

The answer?  Everything!

Printed mats are as simple as they sound: they start out as “clear”, undyed material, and are sprayed by specialty inkjet printers to splatter your logo onto the surface of the fibres.  Your logo image sits on the tops of the fibres like desktop printer ink on a piece of paper, and leaves the balance of the fibre still “clear” where the dye didn’t reach.

Inlaid mats are a little like a jigsaw puzzle: every single piece of your logo is made from an individual piece of matting material, and assembled by hand.  That means that the colour goes all the way through each fibre and your logo can never wear off.

Printed mats are great for:

  • temporary, disposable matting,
  • promotional or giveaway items,
  • when you have a limited budget, and
  • when longevity and performance isn’t a concern.

Inlaid mats are great for:

  • permanent, long-term use,
  • commercial and other high-traffic environments,
  • long-term savings over rental mats, and
  • when cleaning performance and durability matters.

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