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What does “inlaid logo” mean?

They’re the most common questions we get: “What does “inlaid logo” mean?”, and “What’s the difference between an inlaid logo and a printed logo?”

The answer in a nutshell: EVERYTHING!

Inlaid Logo Mats

An inlaid logo means that we create your logo in your mat by cutting-out and embedding pieces of differently-coloured matting material into it, flush with the surface.

Every logo mat we make has a custom logo inlaid right in – not printed on top!  That means that every single piece of your logo – like the dot above an “i”, or the centre of an “a” – are made up of individual pieces of material that have been computer-cut and assembled by hand.  Our mats are like massive, beautiful jigsaw puzzles, with each piece of the puzzle being a piece of your logo!

Inlaid logos simply can’t blur, fade, or rub off like printed mats because they’re separate pieces of material – not just sprayed ink!

Printed Logo Mats

A printed logo mat is just a blown-up and fancier version of the inkjet printer you probably have on your desk right now, only instead of printing on blank white paper it’s printed on blank, “clear” synthetic fibres.

Printed mats are usually a lower quality type of matting. Typically speaking, they’re the same thin, floppy style of matting provided by matting rental companies (i.e. “launderable” mats that are thin enough to be washed in a specialized commercial washing machine). Printed mats do not provide a good functional basis for moisture and dirt removal from foot traffic, nor should they be considered for any outdoor applications.

Printed mats do provide somewhat more flexibility in colour options (such as gradients), and can work well for very intricate logos on small mats; however, printed images are generally significantly “fuzzier” than inlaid mats and will wear off over time and with use, cleaning, and UV exposure.

Because printed mats are often used as promotional or giveaway items, minimum ordering quantities may apply when purchasing them – just as with any other printed material. Ever tried to order just one business card?

Inlaid logo mats are our specialty!  Get in touch today to get started with your own inlaid logo mat for YOUR business!