Custom Rugs

What Custom Rugs Say About Your Business?

Almost every brick and mortar business has custom rugs for their lobby, and also strategically placed throughout. You might not think much about what this common essential says about your business, but it is a little thing that speaks volumes. With the ability to have rugs made in just about any size, in a variety of shapes, an endless option of colors, and customized to your liking—your rugs are more than just rugs. Here’s what your rugs and mats say about you.

That Safety Is A Priority

Slips and falls remain one of the most common causes of workplace injury—and fatigue, pain, time off, and extra breaks are a common result of standing for extended periods of time. Whether speaking of your entrance rain mats, wet area non-slip mats, or your year-round lobby rugs—you are displaying your dedication to providing a safe place for everyone who walks through your doors. Depending on where you live, you may swap your floor mats out seasonally or have a double mat system to keep your floors clean and dry. Add or upgrade your rugs and mats, and you will experience a measurable improvement in safety.

Your Attention To Detail

Entrance mats are all but expected, but when you choose custom rugs for your business, you are highlighting your attention to detail. When carefully selected, your customized floor mats can double as a brand builder, promotional tool, means of managing crowds, or even a creative pop of color designed to enhance your overall design aesthetic. If you know you need rugs and mats, but aren’t sure which is the best solution for your needs—just ask, and a member of our team will narrow down your best options.

That You Care About Your Team

It might be one of the many items on your maintenance and supplies checklist, but most of your team members have worked in at least one prior job who didn’t invest in quality rugs and mats. From safety, to comfort, and reduced physical fatigue—the rugs and mats in your building really do make a difference. And if you have yet to invest in safety rugs and ergonomic mats, add them and the boost in comfort will deliver a swift boost in productivity. And by improving their working conditions, your team will thank you!

Your Sense Of Pride

Custom rugs for business can be customized with your logo, tagline, or the graphics and text of your choice. Your custom rug is perfect for internal branding and external advertising. Really think outside of the box and have fun with your designs. Consider having different graphics for each season or special mats for special events. If you will be using your rugs as part of a display, really get creative—and have them customized to match the rest of your POP. And don’t forget to explore your options in different sizes and shapes.

Custom rugs for business may initially sound like a standard maintenance supply, but as you can see—when properly selected, and artfully designed they become so much more.

If you’d like to understand which rug is perfect for your needs, simply reach out to Source Floor today!