Acrovyn Corner Guards, Specialties

What are Acrovyn Corner Guards?

What are acrovyn corner guards?

Acrovyn corner guards are the sort of specialty commercial building product that you don’t usually notice – until they’re missing!  Take a closer look the next time you’re in an office building atrium, hotel lobby, or even apartment building entrance, and you’ll see the difference.  Commercial buildings that handle medium to high amounts of traffic usually will employ a protective system to keep the corners of their walls intact and looking good – and those that don’t will end up with the missing paint, chipped drywall, and broken holes that really makes a building look “low rent”.

Corner guards are essentially as simple as their name implies: they’re an applied guard designed to absorb, deflect, and protect against the impacts that would otherwise damage your drywall corners.  However, once we dig just below the surface, we find that Acrovyn corner guards by C/S Construction Specialties come in a bewildering array of styles, colours, designs, sizes, impact ratings, fire ratings, and more.


A good place to start when considering corner guards for your building is the method of installation.  If your walls were originally designed to carry corner guards (or you’re replacing existing ones that have reached the end of their lifespan), then the choice is simple!  If you’re looking to retrofit Acrovyn corner guards to an area that doesn’t already have them, you have a choice to make:  surface-mounted corner guards, or flush-mounted corner guards.

Surface-mounted corner guards are the easiest to install, and can be done by most regular building maintenance crews.  Surface-mounted Acrovyn corner guards can be supplied with peel-and-stick adhesive backings that will allow them to simply stick to most clean, dry painted surfaces.  While they are the easiest to install, they do provide only the most basic level of protection.  Mechanically-fastened Acrovyn corner guards are slightly more difficult to install, but offer a greater degree of impact protection.  This style of corner guard is manufactured with counter-sunk holes designed to accommodate screws or other fasteners that are suitable for the wall surface to which you are mounting them.  A mechanical fastening system allows the corner guards to withstand a greater degree of impact and provide a higher level of protection.

Flush-mounted corner guards are typically not installed for retrofit applications as they require the building-in of a specialized retainer during the drywalling process.  Flush-mounted Acrovyn corner guards do provide the ultimate in impact protection as the specialized retainer acts as a shock absorber within the corner guard itself, standing up to even heavy duty commercial use and abuse.

The most popular corner guards we sell are typically surface-mounted ones, as building owners and operators are looking to replace worn-out guards or only a modest level of corner protection is dictated by the needs of the building.  In this case, the perennial favourite are the standard moulded Acrovyn corner guards, which come in a wide variety of leg lengths and sizes, shock absorption ratings, and dozens of colours.


The huge variety of available Acrovyn corner guards typically mean that they’re custom made to order for your specific application.  Fortunately, the most common colours and textures are usually always in production at the factory, so lead times are typically only a few weeks!