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Watch out for Rolling Loads!

Metal entrance matting systems (like C/S Pedisystems) are extraordinarily durable and long-lasting, but they’re not indestructible!  One of the most common problems we’re called out to fix are bent and damaged mat rails – and most of the time the damage has been caused by heavy rolling loads.

Each style of metal entrance matting has a different rating for maximum rolling loads.  Depending on the specific mat profile chosen, typical rolling wheel load ratings can range from 400lbs per wheel to 1000lbs – but building operators must be careful that these load ratings are adhered to.  It’s easy to exceed the load rating if you’re not careful – driving a scissor-lift to change ceiling light bulbs in a lobby, or even rolling an armour car’s cash cart over a metal mat can cause permanent damage if the load exceeds the maximum rating.

Once a metal mat is damaged, it’s usually unrepairable – aluminum is a soft metal, and can warp easily.  But it’s not difficult to avoid the damage in the first place!  The best option is to reroute the wheeled traffic to a different entrance altogether.  Where this isn’t practical, another option is to temporarily remove the metal matting and fill-in the recessed well with plywood sheets or rubber slab, and reinstall the matting after the load has passed.  If removing the metal matting isn’t possible, creating a “bridge” over the mat with very sturdy plywood is also an option – as long as you take care to not exceed the mat’s maximum rolling load rating even through the plywood.