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Virtually stain-proof commercial carpet

Did you know that Mohawk’s Duracolor premium nylon carpet fibre is permanently guaranteed to resist 99% of all common stains?  That’s right, the stain protection is permanently built in, so you don’t have to worry about it washing off or wearing away like the temporary, topical treatments used by many other carpet fibres. In fact, the permanent stain protection is so good, Mohawk guarantees it.

Traditional nylon carpet fibres have a positive charge that attracts the 99% of common stains that are negatively charged, causing many permanent stains to occur.  Duracolor fibres have a negative charge that actually repel 99% of negatively charged, common staining substances.

While other stain resistant fibres require costly, labor-intensive maintenance and expensive chemical cleaners, Duracolor allows you to remove stains with just water, greatly reducing the need for chemical cleaners. It improves indoor air quality, as well as overall environmental sustainability by reducing the need to transport, store and dispose of harmful cleaning chemicals.

In addition to its remarkable water-only cleaning properties, Duracolor is made with 30% recycled
content. With 25% pre-consumer and 5% post-consumer recycled content, Duracolor has become one of the most sustainable fibres on the market today – all without sacrificing performance, style or durability. Duracolor is truly a better built, sustainable fibre.

Duracolor performs in the most demanding environments — including retail locations, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, education centers, or any other public space. No other commercial carpet can match Duracolor’s proven track record of success over the past 20 years. Available in more than 300 pure, vibrant colors, Duracolor provides you with the design flexibility and lasting beauty you desire.

Contact us today to find out how Duracolor can get to work for you in your commercial space!

2 thoughts on “Virtually stain-proof commercial carpet

  1. Mark says:

    The only reason why I never installed carpet in my home was its non-resistance to stains. But I guess the problem is solved now! I can finally install one of the most beautiful floorings available today in my home.

  2. Michelle says:

    Came across your article and am impressed with your carpet that is able to resist stains so well! Definitely cuts back on the need for using a lot of chemical cleaners. But, I think hiring a professional carpet cleaner every few months to maintain the quality of your carpeting is still really important.

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