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Trade Show Exhibition: Don’t Forget the Flooring!

Prospect or Passer-by?

Winning new “fans” of your business or products when exhibiting at a trade show takes planning. Show organizers create the opportunity and the environment, but it’s up to each exhibitor to get creative and develop a noticeable presence on the floor. Even if your purpose for exhibiting is to recruit new staff, or to network within your industry, a strong brand presence and eye-catching display will always leave a lasting first impression.

With a comprehensive lineup of custom commercial flooring solutions, Source Floor can help you create an image for trade fair exhibits that will set you apart from others exhibitors. No matter the size or budget – whether you’re setting up a 10×10 booth or taking over half the show floor- we can help you make sure you won’t go unnoticed.

trade-show-exhibition-dont-forget-the-flooring01Breaking Steps, Bringing In Business

When exhibiting at a trade show, your display should be designed to make a strong first impression – strong enough to “break the step” of attendees as they walk down the aisles of the trade show floor.

There’s no better way to make that bold first impression to potential clients than creating a visually striking exhibit, and no better way to round out an exciting exhibit than with custom flooring displaying your company branding or logo. By creating an outstanding presence in the vast “blank canvas” of the trade show floor, you have a unique opportunity to ensure potential customers notice your space, while reinforcing your brand and creating a polished, professional image.

Think of it this way: sports teams have the same reasons for promoting their team and league’s logos on the rink or court floor! It not only reinforces the team’s branding, but also helps create an atmosphere of excitement and pride for fans. Showing pride in your offering on the trade show floor just makes sense!

How We Can Help

Whether it’s creating a custom inlaid logo mat using our premium Grizzly FX product with one of over 100 available inlay colours, or setting up a false floor to distinguish your exhibit as attractive and unique, Source Floor & Specialties’ has both the knowledge and the products to ensure your first impression is a lasting one!