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Tire Stewardship BC Grant Program

Tire Stewardship BC’s Community Grant Program is an excellent opportunity for community organizations to install new rubber flooring and receive assistance with the cost – up to 50%!

Communities invest considerable resources to support recycling as a way to protect our environment and enhance the quality of life of BC’s citizens. The TSBC Community Grant Program provides financial support to communities who have decided to use and benefit from a wide range of recycled tire products in their projects.  In this case, “community organizations” means not-for- profit organizations within the province of BC including: municipalities; registered non-profit community groups or organizations; schools; and First Nations and Métis settlements.

Only products made in BC from BC scrap tires are eligible, and we’ve partnered with the local BC rubber flooring manufacturer to bring a wide variety of rubber flooring products to market.

Contact us today to see how your community might take advantage of this program while it’s available!

One thought on “Tire Stewardship BC Grant Program

  1. Shane says:

    What a great idea to recycle rubber into commercial flooring and stimulate the economy. Making waste into building materials like commercial rubber flooring is a excellent idea and it helps the community too 🙂 hoping New Hampshire USA comes up with a similar program.

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