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Survey shows that dirty floors could drive away over half of your customers!

More often than not, the part of your building that customers notice first upon entering is your floor.  Clean, tidy floors with well-kept entrance matting gives clients an impression of care; they suggest that your facility prioritizes appearance and make the customer experience a priority.  On the other hand, dirty floors and sloppy mats can have the opposite effect – if the areas your customers can see look shoddy and badly-kept, how bad must things be in the areas that clients can’t see?  In this modern age where brick-and-mortar retailers have to compete against online sellers, hotels are battling AirBnB rentals, and office buildings face-off against low-cost co-working spaces, facilities must take a closer look at their approach to carpet and floor care.

According to a recent survey conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whittaker Systems earlier this year (from March 26-30, 2020) among American adults, a majority (93%) say dirty carpet with things like stains, animal hair or food residue in a facility would negatively impact their perception of that business/organization.

“Whether it’s a retail store, hotel, school, long-term care facility or another type of building, customers, prospective employees, students and residents are observant of the way facilities maintain their interiors,” says Joe Bshero, director of technical services at Whittaker Systems. “This research demonstrates just how important it is for facilities to ensure a good first impression by properly maintaining carpet.”

The poll also found that more than half of Americans (56%) would look for an alternative facility to use/go to. Half (50%) would spend less time in the facility, which can translate to lower sales. Additionally, nearly one in three (31%) would never return to the facility. Nearly one in four (24%) would write a negative online review about the facility. These reviews have the power to reach thousands of people, making the total impact of this experience even more widespread if prospective visitors decide not to go to the facility due to the lackluster review.

While some facilities consider carpet care to be a lower priority item, this Harris Poll research highlights the detrimental toll that dirty carpet can have on an organization’s reputation and its long-term success. Carpet care must be a top priority, whether you manage a university, long-term care facility, hotel or retail store.

You can help keep your carpets and installed flooring cleaner between regular maintenance by using the right amount and the right type of entrance matting.  The right amount of entrance matting can stop up to 98% of the dirt coming into your building right at the door, where it’s concentrated and much easier (and less costly) to remove.  The right type of entrance matting can even help reduce your exposure to liability for slip and fall accidents!

Making sure that you get the right mat for your building doesn’t have to be difficult!  Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help you find the right mat for your needs.