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Still renting your entrance mats?

You don’t rent your telephone anymore…


…so why still rent your entrance mats?

Rental mats are not environmentally friendly.

When a rental entrance mat is dirty, the rental company has to:

  • Pick up your dirty mat and transport to a centralized facility dozens of kilometers away, consuming fuel and creating greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Run it through an industrial chemical washing process, consuming electricity and creating dirty waste water;
  • Deliver it back to your facility, consuming more fuel and creating more greenhouse gas emissions.


Owning your own entrance mats means they don’t have to ever leave your building!  Your cleaning staff already maintain your floors – cleaning your entrance mats too adds very little cost to your janitorial bill.

Rental mats are “one size fits all”.


Every building has an entrance – and every building is different!  A low-rise office complex has different needs than your local gas station, but you’ll often see the same rental 3×5 entrance mat at their entrances – because it’s convenient for the rental company, not you!

Owning your entrance mats gives you:

  • the right matting product,
  • the right mat size and shape,
  • and the most value for money!

Your matting meets your specific entrance needs: not too many, not too few, and tailored to fit your building.

Rental mats cost more.

Everybody tries to contain costs and keep an eye on their bottom line – and that’s where rental mats seem more appealing.  “Starting at $4 per visit” sounds like a fantastic deal at first…until you do the math.


Using a leading Canadian mat rental company’s pricing on a 6’ x 12’ mat, the cost of rental equals the cost of purchasing a premium Grizzly FX mat of the same size after only 50 weeks!  Grizzly FX’s outstanding value becomes even more impressive when you take into account its 3 – 5 year service lifespan!

Ownership means freedom from restrictive service contracts, too – you’re never locked into an agreement you can’t break.

Rental mats are tripping hazards.

One of the “advantages” cited by rental companies is that their mats are “launderable”…


…like an old towel tossed on the floor!  Rental mats aren’t often called “throw-down mats” for nothing!

Rental mats need thin backings and no edging so they can tumble around in an industrial washing machine – making them floppy, wrinkled tripping hazards at your doorway.

Custom mats like Grizzly FX and Kermode have thick, durable backings and heavy duty ramped vinyl edging to keep them in place, resist slipping, and prevent edge flop and wrinkles.

We know entrance mats.


Call us today!  We’ll be happy to help you get set up with the right entrance matting system for your building’s needs.

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