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Spotted IRL: Size Matters!

I recently spotted in the wild a perfect example of what typically goes wrong with entrance matting at retail stores.  This particular retailer (who shall remain nameless!) has its entrance into the store directly from the street (outdoors) – there is no vestibule or transition from outside to inside.

So where have they gone wrong here?  Let’s take a look:

  • Too small!  They’ve used an off-the-shelf standard size mat for their entrance, and you can see just how woefully-undersized it is.  They’ve turned it sideways to try to cover the width of the doorway, rending it even less effective (because inbound traffic takes even fewer steps on it before hitting that slippery tile).  And look at the buckled lump in the middle by the doorway – just ripe for a trip hazard!
  • Ineffective Mat Type.  See all the leaves on the mat?  But beyond that, look at all the leaves and debris after the mat.  That’s the real problem – the stylized design makes this mat less effective actually doing the job of trapping dirt!  A mat with a heavier emphasis on function over flashiness (like our Kermode) would get the job done much more effectively.
  • Multiple mats.  There’s another mat in front of that cashier, with a small gap between the two mats.  Two thin, floppy, small rental mats – with only a small gap between – makes for twice the exposed edges, and twice the tripping hazard (especially for seniors, kids, and others with mobility issues).  If you want to protect your floor – and your customers! – from hazards, one large mat to properly cover the desired area is the right way to do it.

We can help you avoid mistakes like these!  Contact us today for a free quote on an entrance matting system that works for your location.