Specialty Products

We do more than just the floor!  We offer a broad selection of specialty architectural products from C/S such as Pedimat, Pedigrid, Peditred systems, Acrovyn Wall Protection, and more.

Aluminum Pedimats

Keep floors clean and enhance entranceways with the industry-proven aluminum Pedimat entry mat system. Pedimat entrance matting is engineered for quiet performance, thanks to the combination of lightweight rails and strong aluminum hinge connectors, allowing them to be rolled up for easy cleaning and maintenance. These long-lasting entry mats can be recessed or surface mounted, and are available in an exceptional array of finish options to match any décor.  Their all-aluminum grid construction gives them service lifespans measured in decades, and keep them performing at peak efficiency no matter how much rain or snow they encounter.

Aluminum Pedimats perform best when used at heavy-duty, ultra-high-traffic outdoor entrances of commercial buildings.  Pedimats can be used in surface-mounted applications, but provide maximum performance and value when installed into recessed wells.

Acrovyn Wall Protection

We’re proud to carry a full selection of Construction Specialties’ wall protection products.  From Acrovyn sheets and wall panels, to corner guards, crash rails, and grab handles, we can help you source the right product for your architectural specification or find the right product for your retrofit and renovation projects.

Acrovyn Wall Panels have been reimagined to offer a variety of functional and aesthetic improvements. Tailored to withstand high-traffic abuse, Acrovyn Wall Panels can be incorporated into a variety of designs that will keep walls beautiful and damage-free.

Acrovyn 4000 Rigid Sheet is PVC-free, mounts with adhesive and features a standard Suede texture. It is tested to CAN/ULC-S102.2 and is UL® Class A/1 fire-rated and labeled.  Acrovyn 4000 is available in 0.040″ and 0.060″ thicknesses.

Sanitizing & Safety Mats

Sanitizing mats without the mess and mobility problems!  Grizzly Sanitize is a spill-proof, barrier-free way to sanitize incoming foot traffic right at your front door with a disinfectant so safe it’s edible.  Sold as a complete set with Wet Side and Dry Side mats, Grizzly Sanitize is a mess-free way to keep your sanitation program on track.

Grizzly Sanitize is the only spill-proof, mess-free sanitizing mat system on the market.  Unlike open tray-style sanitizing mat systems, Grizzly Sanitize suspends the liquid Vital Oxide sanitizer within its nylon face fibres, only releasing it when stepped-on like a giant flat sponge.

Due to its tray-free design, Grizzly Sanitize offers no barriers to users with mobility issues, like walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs.

The finishing touches.

Corner guards, wall protection, and other specialty architectural products can be hard to find!  We help renovation and retrofit projects find the finishing touches that make a project complete.





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Quality custom mat. Can't comment on value / price as we didn't compare against other providers for logo'd custom mats.
Excellent company. Best service in the industry and a quality product. I highly recommend Source Floor & Specialities when you need any kind of commercial flooring.
I reached out to Source Floor & Specialities to make a custom door mat for my business. The mat arrived last week and it looks fantastic. High quality and customer response has been great!It was fast and easy to organize! Thanks again.
Response from the owner: Hi Blake, thanks for choosing us to help create this beautiful mat for you! It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to helping you further in the future!
Working with Crystal has been an absolute pleasure! She has been thorough and helpful beyond all expectations. I would highly recommend using this company!
Excellent service and quality!



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