Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

In spaces where it seems like only a hard-surface flooring solution makes sense – whether due to high traffic, frequent soiling and spills, or constant sunlight exposure – don’t count out carpet just yet.  Solution dyed nylon carpets can match many of the resilient properties of hard surface flooring, with all of the advantages of carpet: low maintenance costs, improved sound dampening, high levels of comfort and safety and, of course, good looks!

Solution dyeing: the carrot and the radish

In solution dyeing, dye is added while the nylon fiber is still in the chemical solution stage; the end result is a colour that runs throughout the entire fiber. A commonly used analogy is that of a carrot and a radish; the carrot (solution-dyed carpet) is orange throughout, whereas the radish (surface-dyed carpet) is colourless inside despite the bright red outer skin.

The resilience of hard flooring, the beauty of carpet

With a tighter structure than traditional synthetics or natural fibers, specially engineered nylons, such as Type 6,6 nylon, provide superior stain resistance by holding spills and soil outside of the carpet fibers for longer. This provides greater opportunity to clean up and prevent staining. Excellent resiliency against matting and crushing in high traffic applications can also be expected due to the superior density of the nylon fibers.

Surface-dyed nylon carpeting is inherently colourfast, and resists fading in applications with high levels of UV exposure, can stand up to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, and will provide long-lasting performance while looking great in even the most demanding environments.

Always green, no matter what colour you choose!

Despite being able to stand up to the rigors of nearly any environment, carpeting made from durable Type 6,6 nylon is kind to our environment. The fibers are totally recyclable, and select colours are available with as much as 90% recycled content.