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Social Distancing: Why mats are better than stickers.

Everybody’s familiar with social distancing and physical distancing these days – and with the fight against COVID-19 still raging on, these concepts are here to stay.

As a quick response to the need to keep people physically separated, many businesses have improvised to help their customers get the message.  Some – like this takeout sandwich restaurant – have even printed custom stickers to put on their floor to show their customers where to line up for service.

These floor stickers are barely a month old, but they already look like this:

Stickers and duct tape arrows are peeling, leaving behind adhesive residue behind to trap grime, filth…and probably a few virus particles too!

Does this give you confidence in how strictly this restaurant is following COVID-19 sanitation guidelines?

Tattered, torn, and falling apart – after only a month!  What sort of message about cleanliness does that send about your business to your customers?  How can staff possibly do a thorough (and sanitary!) job of cleaning a floor that’s covered in half-peeled stickers and adhesive residue?  In trying to solve the social distancing problem, this sandwich shop has created a brand new sanitation problem!

Stickers and duct tape were great as a temporary, stop-gap measure, but this new socially-distanced world demands a better solution.  Businesses that care about making a good impression on their customers need a better solution.

That better solution is social distancing mats.

Unlike stickers that peel and leave glue residue, our social distancing mats are specifically engineered to stand up to heavy-duty foot traffic on the floor.  And to make sure that people keep their distance properly, we build each one of our social distancing mats to be the exact custom size and shape that each one of our clients needs – no “one size fits all” pre-made mats here!

Here’s 6 more reasons why social distancing mats are superior to floor stickers:

  1. Social Distancing Mats do double-duty: they physically-distance your customers and protect your floors from wear and damage from dirt and water.
  2. Mats don’t leave the duct tape and sticker adhesive residue behind that makes proper floor cleaning impossible.
  3. Social Distancing Mats always have the 2M / 6FT markers separated by the correct distance – they can’t be misapplied to the floor too closely together.
  4. All the graphic design elements in our Social Distancing Mats are inlaid (not printed) for years of durability and image sharpness.  They’ll never blur, fade, or rub off like stickers!
  5. Our Grizzly FX Social Distancing Mats last for years in commercial environments, not weeks.  They’re a “buy once and solve the problem permanently” solution.
  6. Social Distancing Mats can also replace stanchions and ropes to help people queue up properly for cashiers, bank tellers, customer service counters, and more.

It’s easy to get started!  Contact us today and we’ll help you design a social distancing mat that’s perfect for your business.