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Reduce costs by leasing – not renting – your entrance mats!

Most people think of real estate, or industrial equipment, or even cars and trucks when they think of leasing…but did you know that you can lease your commercial entrance matting?  That’s right – just like a new photocopier or a phone system, you can improve your commercial property with a complete entrance matting system through the easy monthly payments of leasing.

There are numerous benefits to leasing your entrance matting as opposed to renting: higher-quality matting for the same overall cost, mats customized to the sizes and shapes your entrance needs, and mats that don’t flop and curl like cheap beach towels on your floor!

But the most popular reason to choose leasing over renting comes down to reducing your cost.  Renting your mats means making monthly payments forever!  Instead, leasing your mats gives you the same easy payments as rentals, but also gives you a “finish line” – after 24, 36, or 48 months, the payments will end but you’ll still have your mats.  And for most scenarios, even the monthly lease payments themselves are lower than rental payments!

Here’s two recent case studies demonstrating how leasing can help you save money in your operating budget while simultaneously improving your building’s safety and appearance:

Example #1: Office Tower with Multiple Entrances

8 custom-sized and custom-shaped Grizzly FX mats, with inlaid logo.






This office tower has 8 separate entry points that needed floor coverage to protect the building operator against slip and fall liability.  Some of the entrances had large, double-width doorways; a couple were entrance points from underground parkade levels; and the rest were mostly single-width doors.  The operator shared the rental mat pricing proposals they had received from several local vendors with us to help us find them the best solution for their needs while still being cost-effective.

We were able to build them a complete package of Grizzly FX mats that were custom-fit to all of their doorways properly, and still cost them about 40% less overall than the lowest-priced rental proposal!

Example #2: Condominium Building with Two Entrances

2 custom-sized Grizzly FX mats, with inlaid logo.






The strata council for this building was using a rental mat service for their two entrances.  Because rental mats are only available in standard sizes, each doorway needed two throw-down runner mats laid out side-by-side.  Needing four separate mats to cover their entrance floors always looked sloppy because the mats would move, shift, and flop over as people walked over them – and was costing them nearly $220/month ($50/week) in rental costs!  By switching to a set of leased mats through Source Floor, they were able to get custom-fit, custom-made Grizzly FX mats that drastically improved the lobby’s appearance, made the floors safer by being cleaner and dryer, and still cut their monthly expense in half!

Leasing your entrance mats gives you the convenience and advantage of easy monthly payments, but without the high cost of rentals.  Give us a call today – we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your building’s needs!