Printed Mats vs. Custom Inlaid Logo Mats

Printed Mats vs. Custom Inlaid Logo Mats

Source Floor & Specialties creates custom inlaid logo mats for all types and sizes of organizations. Occasionally we’re asked to explain what sets a custom inlaid logo mat apart from a mat that has had a logo printed directly onto it.

In fact, there is a night-and-day difference between printed logo mats and custom inlaid logo mats; namely, function!

Printed Mats – Style, Without Function

Printed Mats by Source Floor

Printed mats start out just like a blank sheet of paper; the logo image is added with what is essentially a very large special-purpose inkjet printer, using “ink” designed to dye the carpet fibers.

Printed mats are usually a lower quality type of matting. Typically speaking, they’re the same thin, floppy style of matting provided by matting rental companies (i.e. “launderable” mats that are thin enough to be washed in a specialized commercial washing machine). Printed mats do not provide a good functional basis for moisture and dirt removal from foot traffic, nor should they be considered for any outdoor applications.

Printed mats do provide somewhat more flexibility in colour options (such as gradients), and can work well for very intricate logos on small mats; however, printed images are generally significantly “fuzzier” than inlaid mats and will wear off over time and with use, cleaning, and UV exposure.

Because printed mats are often used as promotional or giveaway items, minimum ordering quantities may apply when purchasing them – just as with any other printed material. Ever tried to order just one business card?

Inlaid Mats – Function, With Style!

Inlaid Logo Mats

Inlaid mats are made from individual pieces of precision-cut material, which are hand-assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Our computerized cutting table utilizes precision ultrasonic blade cutting technology to create both the logo template within the base mat and the custom-fit pieces of material that comprise the logo.

Once assembled, the pieces are permanently bonded together to create a durable, long-lasting work of functional art. A high-quality secondary backing is applied as a final finishing step; this helps to ensure that the assembled mat will stand up over the long term to cleaning, repositioning, and – of course – foot traffic!

Inlaid mats are a much higher quality of matting, and are designed specifically to remove dirt and moisture in high-traffic applications. We can create indoor-outdoor custom inlaid logo mats using our Kermode knob matting, or indoor-only custom inlaid logo mats using our Grizzly FX premium matting.

As well, because inlaid mats are made from assembling individual pieces of material, your logo can’t be “worn off” by foot traffic, cleaning, or UV rays; the colour goes right though the entire fiber that makes up your image. Inlaid mats also give a much sharper, crisper finished image (the smallest detail need only be greater than 0.5″ in thickness at the smallest point).

All of our inlaid mats are made-to-order, so we can create nearly any size or shape you need.  View some of our past custom inlaid logo matting projects.

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