Polished Concrete: A Diamond Sheen That’s Always Green

Polished Concrete

In spaces where a dramatic, modern look is desired, where coatings or traditional flooring products aren’t the right solution, or where environmental sustainability is a key factor, polished concrete is a premium alternative worth a serious look.

A Diamond On The Rough

Because concrete makes for an extremely hard surface, it takes something even harder to cut and grind it – diamonds! In conjunction with a non-toxic chemical hardening agent, the tools used in creating a polished concrete floor are typically progressively finer grits of diamond grinding wheels, followed by diamond polishing pads to create a smooth, glossy surface. Existing floor slabs can also be cut or sanded to visually feature the natural aggregate in the concrete.  And because every concrete slab has distinctive cosmetic characteristics, each polished concrete floor is completely unique!

Durability and Performance Benefits

Concrete has an exceptionally long lifespan (100+ years), and polished concrete floors are practically maintenance-free, requiring no waxing, coating or special treatment beyond routine mopping. Polished concrete surfaces not only provide long-lasting beauty, they also make a positive contribution to indoor air quality because of their inability to trap and hold pollutants or moisture.  And despite its cool appearance, concrete absorbs, stores and releases ambient heat, and the reflective polished surface helps increase the effectiveness of overhead and natural lighting.

Sustainability Takes the LEED

Polished concrete floors are considered an excellent choice for environmentally responsible design. In fact, one of the primary reasons for the tremendous upturn in the use of polished concrete is that it earns points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance. While many of the flooring products on the market are environmentally friendly, there is none other that solely utilizes the existing structure, thereby eliminating the need to transport, install – and eventually replace – a separate flooring solution.

4 thoughts on “Polished Concrete: A Diamond Sheen That’s Always Green

  1. Connie Dobson says:

    We currently do the floors at the local international airport which have black marks from luggage. What should I use on this to clean this but not compromise the finish?

    1. Ross Ferguson says:

      Hi Connie,

      Thanks for your question! How you clean is very dependent on the floor you’re cleaning. For tough-to-remove marks and stains, it’s a good idea to contact the flooring manufacturer for a copy of their maintenance guide…what’s good for one type of floor could easily destroy another. The manufacturer’s local product rep may also be able to help – a quick Google search should find you all the contact info you need.

      Best of luck!

  2. Braden Bills says:

    I’m trying to decide what kind of flooring to have installed in my basement. I didn’t know that polished concrete was so nice! It would be great to have a flooring type that will last me for a long time.

  3. Gary says:

    I have been seeing a lot more polished concrete floors around. I have also had a lot of customers asking for them. We might branch out and start doing them in our area. Thanks for the info.

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