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Performance Comparison: Grizzly FX Custom Entrance Matting Vs. Rental Matting

Performance Comparison: Grizzly FX Custom Entrance Matting Vs. Rental Matting

grizzly-bear-logoWe’ve all walked into a business and been welcomed (in the loosest sense of the word) by a haphazard path of bunched-up, curled up, soggy-looking matting. Almost invariably, these mats will carry the logo of a uniform company or general services company providing rental entrance mats.

Custom entrance matting created using Source Floor & Specialties’ exclusive Grizzly FX material is superior to rental matting in a number of important ways. Not only does custom entrance matting represent a long-term savings for businesses by putting an end to ongoing rental fees, but it also represents a much greater value for money when both the aesthetic and performance properties of premium matting like Grizzly FX are compared to an entrance matting system comprised of floppy, sloppy-looking rental matting.

Matting That Fits Your Business? Or Matting That Fits Their Business?

In theory, rental matting is convenient for businesses because the rental company picks up soiled mats, delivers replacement mats, and handles the cleaning of the mats on a scheduled interval. In application, however, there are significant issues: the quality of the matting they deliver is much lower than a custom entrance matting solution, and their ability to tailor a matting solution to meet the specific needs of your business is limited solely to the sizes of mats they have in stock. Need a wall-to-wall vestibule mat? How about your logo inlaid in the matting to give your customers a great first impression? Not a chance with a rental mat!

Conversely, Source Floor’s exclusive premium Grizzly FX matting can be customized to fit nearly any space, and offers vastly superior functional performance. Grizzly FX is a dryer and scraper mat, not just a dryer mat like most thin rental matting. With a looped-pile, tufted construction utilizing both nylon (to dry) and polypropylene fibres (to scrape), Grizzly FX not only absorbs tracked-in moisture, but also actively removes soil and debris with each footstep!

Don’t Send Your Customers on a Trip

With a stiffer, sturdier, and heavier backing than the flimsy, floppy backing materials used on most rental mats, Grizzly FX entrance mats won’t lose their shape in wet or heavy traffic areas. Thick and stable custom ramp edging ensures Grizzly FX mats are never a trip hazard, unlike curly, bunchy rental mats, which effectively have no edging at all (usually just an exposed lip of the thin, floppy base backing).

Make It Your Own – For Good!

When adding an inlaid custom logo, there’s simply no comparison. Custom logo matting creating using premium Grizzly FX – or any other of our variety of matting materials – are machine cut to precise dimensions and finished by hand, never painted on or printed. The finished product is a sharp, crisp inlaid logo using material that carries all the same superior performance qualities of the surrounding entrance mat. And, unlike fuzzy-looking printed logos, the custom inlaid logo will never wear off!