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Pedisystems Need Cleaning Too!

Everybody knows that Pedisystems by C/S are a good-looking, functional, and durable way to keep your building’s entrances clean and safe.  But as great as Pedisystems are, they’re not magic – they need maintenance and TLC just like any other entrance matting system!

Most people aren’t aware that Pedisystems can be lifted or rolled right up out of their recessed well for cleaning.  That recessed well is the secret to a Pedisystem’s success – as dirt is scraped off shoes, it falls through the mat into the well below.  Recessed wells can range from a fraction to several inches in depth – meaning that various wells can hold more dirt and water before they fill to capacity.  But no matter how deep a recessed well is, eventually it will fill up – and that’s why regular maintenance is key.

Cleaning is simple!  Just lift out or roll up your Pedisystem, and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the dirt filling your well.  That’s it!