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Official ANSI Walkway Safety Standards You Should Know

Did you know that American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B101 Committee on Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention has an official document describing walkway safety standards for commercial buildings?

The ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012 “Standard Guide For Commercial Entrance Matting In Reducing Slips, Trips And Falls” provides criteria for the selection, installation, inspection, care and maintenance of entrance mats and runners in commercial facilities.  The goal of these standards is to reduce slip and fall accidents, tripping hazards, and other flooring-related accidents.  These standards address the root causes of these accidents, like soil, moisture, contaminants, edge treatments, as well as the improper use of floor mats and runners.

Robert J. Moran, Chairman of the ANSI B101.6 sub-committee, said: “This standard not only covers where and how mats should be deployed, but also identifies the hazards associated with improper mat placement and use.  We also believe that the standard will soon be adopted by the insurance industry and will serve as an important tool in preventing their insureds’ growing mat related trip-and-fall problem.”

You can download a copy of the standard here!

The NFSI estimates that 55% of all slip and fall accidents are the result of an unsafe walking surface. Russell Kendzior, Founder and President of the NFSI, says that “…although entranceway matting can play a significant role in preventing accidental slips by removing moisture from pedestrian footwear, they often contribute to trips and falls when buckled, curled, or flipped over. As the number of floor mat related trip-and-fall lawsuits continues to rise we believe that this ground breaking new standard provides a new standard of effective care in the proper use, maintenance and inspection of entranceway floor matting.”

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