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New! Lease-to-own your mats!

Lease-to-own your mats

We’re very excited to present a new option for our matting customers:  lease-to-own!  We’ve partnered with a national financial services company to offer our clients a new, more flexible way to enjoy the benefits of Grizzly FX and Kermode premium entrance matting.

Benefits of Leasing:

Leasing Protects Your Cash Flow:

With leasing, you can spread out the acquisition cost of your entrance matting and flooring over its working lifespan, freeing up valuable capital to manage your business.

 100% Financing:

In most cases with leasing, your first and last payments are all that are required at the time of signing. You can lease 100% of the cost, including the entrance matting and ongoing cleaning & maintenance service plans.

Expense vs Capital Expenditure:

With leasing, your entrance matting costs move over to the expense side of your ledger, freeing up your capital expenditure budget for other necessary purchases and allowing you to obtain entrance matting when you need it, not when your fiscal year rolls over!

Tax Advantages:

Lease payments may be 100% tax deductible as an operating expense.  Consult your accountant regarding the deductions for your situation.

Simplify Your Budgeting:

Regular lease payments remain fixed over the term of the lease, making cash flow requirements easy.  And with our lease-to-own program, the mats are yours at the end of the lease with no hidden fees, requirements, or conditions!

Leasing Preserves Your Existing Credit Lines:

With lease financing, you are able to get the entrance matting your facility needs today without tying up other valuable credit lines or waiting for room in the capital expenditure budget.

 Leasing is Flexible:

A variety of lease options are available, the term and frequency of payments can be tailored to fit your unique situation.

Contact us to discuss how leasing might be the right way for you to get the entrance matting you need – today!