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Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting

The ideal walk-off entrance matting program is one that will minimize tracked-in debris, prevent slips, trips and falls, and still provide a visually appealing entryway.  Successful programs consist of three key phases: phase 1 begins outside the building with a heavy-duty scraper mat that is designed to scrape off heavy soil and water from shoes while they’re still outside the entrance.  The best way to clean up dirt is to keep it from coming inside your building in the first place!

Phase 2 happens immediately inside your building, with a secondary scraper mat.  Knob-style matting is ideal for this, as the knob-style face construction helps to scrape away any remaining large chunks of soil while providing a pleasant, professional appearance.

Phase 3 is the final step, and is the last place that inbound traffic walks before hitting your installed flooring surfaces.  For this step, a dryer/scraper hybrid mat is the best choice: the final scraping is completed, and inbound foot traffic is dried and moisture trapped to prevent puddles, pools, and other slip hazards.  According to industry studies, if the average person walks on six feet of entrance matting, roughly 40% of the debris from their shoes will be removed.  If that length of entrance matting is increased to 20 feet, 80% of debris will be removed.  In a best-case scenario, if your building can accommodate 39 linear feet of walk-off matting, you can remove 98% of debris and soil before it is tracked into your building!