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Matting: The Foundation of Your Entrances

Entrance matting is oftentimes an afterthought when considering flooring for commercial and retail spaces.  So much attention is paid to choosing interior finishes, the colour palettes of fixtures and furniture, and the type of flooring…but then the matting is forgotten!

Entrance matting can be both functional and stylish – it just takes the right kind of matting!  And choosing the right kind of matting can make the difference between getting the full service life out of your brand-new installed flooring, and needing to spend a lot of unnecessary money refinishing and repairing damage caused by dirt and grit.  Premature wear due to inadequate matting is one of the most often-cited reasons for flooring replacement earlier than expected.

To reduce the amount of contaminants making their way into your building to potentially ruin your floor, you need an entrance matting system built to tackle your building’s specific entry problems.  The best entrance matting systems actually begin outside the building – dirt that never gets inside your building at all never needs to be cleaned up and removed!  Choose heavy duty scraper matting without a backing for your exterior entrances, like Cobra.  Cobra allows dirt to fall right through the mat to the concrete below and never needs to be emptied!

Once inside a vestibule, choose a scraper mat like Kermode.  Kermode’s tough polypropylene construction scrapes dirt and holds it below the mat surface until it’s removed by your regular cleaning.

As the final line of defense, choose a dryer/scraper mat like Grizzly FX.  Grizzly FX offers a stylish, carpet-like appearance but is tough enough to finish the scraping job started by the rest of your entrance matting system and finish with drying off the rest of the remaining water.

Choosing the right entrance matting system can add years to the life of your installed flooring!