Mats for Community Centres

Did you know?  Many commercial flooring warranties include a clause that requires buildings to have entrance matting of a minimum performance standard.  Not any cheap mat will do!

These flooring warranty clauses are included for a good reason.  It’s the same reason that you use a cutting board in your kitchen to protect your beautiful countertops: use an easy-to-replace sacrificial surface instead of putting excess wear-and-tear on your hard-to-replace installed surfaces.  Using a proper entrance mat to shield your flooring from the damage caused by grit, dirt, sand, rocks, dirty water, and all the other outdoor debris that gets tracked into a building is just a good idea!

A professional-grade entrance mat from Source Floor can help keep your installed flooring looking newer, longer – and save on your long-term janitorial costs too.

Bearmats aren’t just beautiful – they’re functional, too.

What good is an entrance mat that doesn’t soak up water, hold dirt, or clean shoes as people walk in the door?  We build every one of our bearmats with both performance and function in mind.

Mats for Healthcare & Assisted Living

According to studies conducted by CNA Insurance, slip and fall accidents account for 61% of all claims and 53% of total claim costs for businesses with retail or public-facing areas.  The National Floor Safety Institute estimates that the average cost of a slip-and-fall workers compensation claim is $4,000, and the average liability award for injury to a building occupant runs from $60,000 to $100,000 per claim. In fact, it’s estimated that workers’ compensation and medical expenses associated with slip-and-fall accidents cost businesses $70 billion annually.

Installing entrance floor mats at exterior entry points and critical areas goes a long way in preventing debris and moisture from being carried inside commercial spaces. Matting also provides a slip-resistant surface as one walks in, reducing the possibility of a slip and fall at the entrance. Entrance mats can be used both in the interiors as well as the exteriors of the premises, such as vestibules, covered walkways, and other areas. Safety, durability, required level of maintenance, and ease of cleaning are primary considerations when you decide to invest in a floor mat to reduce the chance of slip and fall mishaps.

Mats for Municipalities & Public Buildings


Upgrading your entrance matting can make an incredible difference in how constituents and local residences perceive the overall quality of your building and well it’s operated by local government.

Owning, instead of renting, your entrance matting isn’t just kinder to your wallet – it’s kinder to the environment, too!  Both the construction and the care of floor mats you own makes a big difference in reducing their environmental impact.

Our Grizzly FX and Sunbear bearmats are made using ECONYL post-consumer recycled nylon.  And not only is ECONYL already recycled material – it’s also infinitely recyclable, too!  Used ECONYL nylon can be reclaimed, recycled, and remade into brand new nylon products again and again and again.

Bearmats environmental benefits carry through into their maintenance too, because they don’t need to be carted across town in a fossil fuel-burning truck for cleaning.  Bearmats are real flooring – not laundry, like “launderable” rental mats – so you clean them in place, just like all your other carpeted flooring.  You might have to commute to work – but your entrance matting shouldn’t!

Mats for Sports Facilities

Nothing is more recognizable than a team logo – and nothing dresses up a local sports facility better than representing the home team right at the front door!  We specialize in custom-fit, custom-made logo mats – and we build them all in-house, right here in BC.

Our inlaid mats bring your logo to life in the most-vibrant – and most-durable – way possible.  We don’t print your logo using ink – we cut out each and every element of your logo as a completely separate piece, each from a different colour of carpet matting material.  Then we bring all of the pieces together, and assemble them like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Constructing your logo mat from individual pieces gives your logo unbeatable sharpness and image crispness, and can never blur or fade or be worn off from foot traffic.

Our mats aren’t just functional and durable – they’re statement pieces.  An inlaid logo entrance mat from Source Floor is a work of art for your floor.

Mats for Education

Not all entrance mats are made equal! Different types of mat fibres perform different functions, so it’s important to choose the right material for the job.

Cheap indoor mats achieve their ultra-low price point by cutting corners.  Thin, floppy backing, no proper edging on the sides, and cheap fibre construction all add up to a mat that just can’t get the job done.  Olefin fibres are a popular choice for these mats, because it’s stain resistant and very inexpensive – but olefin is also totally non-absorbent, too!  That means that olefin entrance mats don’t actually absorb any water when people walk over them in the rain.

Quality indoor mats use nylon instead of olefin.  Nylon is just as colourfast and stain-resistant, but unlike olefin it actively absorbs water.  Just like a kitchen sponge, an entrance mat made of nylon will soak up and hold water tracked in by pedestrians until it has a chance to evaporate.

If keeping your floors dry and safe is your goal, we can help you choose the right mat.





Melissa McComb
Melissa McComb
Working with Crystal has been an absolute pleasure! She has been thorough and helpful beyond all expectations. I would highly recommend using this company!
Daria Laforet
Daria Laforet
Excellent service and quality!
Shalue Bharj
Shalue Bharj
I'm a professional graphic designer, and wanted to create strong branding for my client's new auto repair shop. I purchased a new mat with the company logo and it came quickly and had great quality. I worked with Derek, who is responsive, kind and always available. Source Flooring is a great business to work with and I will always recommend them.
It was such a pleasure doing business with Source Floor. They were super responsive, helpful, reliable, and did a great install of the exact product we needed. They also worked within our budget which is always appreciated as we are a non-profit. Highly recommend!
Claire Helm
Claire Helm
These guys are the best! We ordered two of their custom / branded inlaid commercial doormats. Let me just say these are incredible quality, heavy duty design - I'm 100% confident they'll stand the test of time. Service was top notch, shipping and turnaround were unbelievably fast... I honestly can't recommend them enough! And they're Canadian to boot! Can't wait to get these mats to the new office. Thanks Source Floors 🙂



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