Entrance Mats, Heavy Duty Mats

The List of Most Popular Heavy-Duty Entrance Mat System and Guidelines to Help You Pick the Best One for Your Needs

If your business or lobby has a high volume of foot traffic or you if you live in a climate that is wet and icy—then you are in need of some heavy-duty entrance mats. There are many mats to choose from, but here is our top pick for a variety of indoor and outdoor needs.

Duromat Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mats

These scraper mats are made from 100% PVC vinyl, which is coiled together in a spaghetti noodle-like construction. This design ensures that the water and dirt tracked in on the bottom of your patron’s shoes can easily pass through when they wipe their feet or walk across your mat. While the excess passes through, it remains hidden beneath the vinyl coils—which keeps your flooring clean and dry. Order your mat with or without a vinyl edging, and in the custom shape and size to fit perfectly at your lobby doors. You can also choose from a variety of colors, and have your logo inlaid for branding purposes. Feel free to use year-round, or rotate when it gets wet and icy. Duromat mats can be placed both inside and outside.

Grizzly FX Dryer Scraper Mats

Another excellent option in heavy duty entrance mats are the Grizzly FX dryer/scraper mats. Made with an advanced loop-piled nylon and polypropylene fibre. The looping allows the tracked in water and debris to pass through, while polypropylene scrapes your soles, and the nylon dries the bottom of your footwear. Many companies use these indoor mats as a year-round lobby mat. Order in any size, shape, or custom color—and even consider having your logo inlaid on.

Kermode Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mat

The Kermode scraper mats are made from needle punched polypropylene. The knob-like loops and overall design concept are similar to the Grizzly FX matting system—but these mats can be placed either indoor or outdoor. For example, place one just in front of your entrance door. These heavy-duty entrance mats are both mold and mildew resistant, even in the heart of winter. Kermode is available in a limited selection of neutrals, but can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You May Need More Than One Mat

Now that you understand the difference between our premium matting systems, it’s time to consider how many you need, what size and shape, and where to place them in your building. The goal is to keep your entryways safe, clean, and dry. For high footstep entryways—you may opt for two mats per door. For example, a Kermode mat in front of your door, and a Duromat just inside your lobby. Or for buildings with double doors, you may opt for a Grizzly FX indoor mat at each set of doors.

If you have any additional questions about which of these premium entrance mats is right for your foot traffic and seasonal weather, reach out to Source Floor today.