Kermode – Our Newest Entrance Mat

Source Floor is proud to announce the latest addition to our matting family: Kermode!  Kermode joins Grizzly FX as the indoor/outdoor part of our complete Entrance Bear matting system.

Kermode is named for the Kermode bear, a subspecies of Black bear that’s native to our local area here in BC – and is even our province’s Official Mammal! Known as the “spirit bear” to the First Nations people in BC,  Kermode bears are notable because approximately 10% of their population have white or cream-coloured coats.  These white Kermode bears use this difference to their advantage when fishing, and have 30% more success catching salmon than their brown-coated bretheren!

Just like its ursine namesake, our Kermode matting enjoys more success than competing indoor/outdoor entrance matting products.  When deployed as part of our Entrance Bear matting system, Kermode pairs with Grizzly FX to scrape, dry, and clean incoming foot traffic like no other.  And Kermode is available in a rainbow of colours – 21 different hues are available to suit your building’s design language.

Kermode is part of our Custom Logo & Design program, too.  Custom shapes, lengths, sizes, and inlaid logos are all available.

Growl at us today about Kermode!