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Is It Worth Getting Personalized Door Mats for Your Business?

You know you need to add floor mats with strategic placing throughout your building or business. Quality rugs and mats are an investment that you are happy to make to improve safety and comfort, protect flooring, and even to increase your employee productivity. But is it worth getting personalized door mats for your business?

Think Beyond The Obvious Placement

Entryways, lobbies, and employee work stations are some of the most common places to add floor mats. However, when it comes to personalized mats, you must think beyond the obvious placement:

  • Airports, convention centers, hospitals, and large businesses use the printing of their mats for more than just logos—but to direct traffic. Everything from arrows that direct patrons to the area they are searching for, to a label with what concourse or area of the building they are currently in.
  • If you will be working an off-site event, adding a personalized mat is an excellent way to reinforce your brand. Again, think beyond your logo, and consider an advanced graphic design made specifically for your event or display. Make it an anti-fatigue mat and you can even make your offsite event or convention display more comfortable while standing.
  • Guide traffic with strategic runners, place your rug in front of elevators or other interior doors, protect high footstep interior areas with interior mats, and add a brand-enhancing floor mat at your POS.

Engaging Graphics

Take a closer look the next time you are out and about, and you are sure to find some engaging graphics and creative on floormats across a variety of businesses. For example, a veterinarian may have a mat with cats, dogs, and other small animals. A child activity center may have colorful mats designed with playful graphics. A beauty salon or spa may have artfully designed mats that match their décor. Floormats in spiritual, fitness, or wellness centers may have relevant quotes designed to inspire and uplift. The options are endless.

Personalized Work Stations

Personalized door mats for your business, could also be used to help guide, direct, and personalize your employee workstations. They could be used to organize and guide the flow of an assembly line, differentiate your teams or departments, and even to provide creative and colorful work stations. If used in areas where your team is on their feet some or all of the day, opt for a heavy duty anti fatigue mat—which will help to increase productivity.

Buy Instead Of Rent

Many businesses rent floor mats. While there are benefits to renting, such as delegating cleaning and maintenance to someone else, renting costs far more in the long run. When you buy, you not only have a larger variety of performance features to choose from—but also a larger variety of colors and sizes. Since you are going to make the investment anyway, you might as well go all-in and add your logo or graphics.