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How You Can Reduce Slip & Fall Accidents in your Commercial Entrances

Slip and fall accidents are a serious problem for building operators that have publicly-accessible areas.  We’ve all been out shopping on a rainy day and have seen those yellow cones warning us of a wet floor, but is that enough to satisfy a building operator’s duty to floor safety?

There’s a yellow warning cone, but can you spot what’s missing that would have prevented this customer’s slip and fall accident?

That’s right – there’s no entrance matting!  It’s easy to see where a few dollars spent in precaution would have prevented this potentially-expensive accident from happening.

Of course, the benefits of proper entrance matting go beyond just keeping your floors safer: adequate matting keeps your floors from wearing our prematurely, keeps them from being damaged by dirt and debris, and also helps to reduce your overall cleaning costs by keeping dirt localized at the front door where it’s easier to remove.

It’s easy to get your retail space or commercial building outfitted with a proper entrance matting system that will reduce both your liability and your cleaning costs.  Contact us today for a free entryway assessment and quote for an entrance matting system designed to meet your needs!

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