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How to Pick the Best Industrial Type Anti Fatigue Mats?

As you look for more ways to improve your employee experience, boost productivity, and reduce slips and falls—you may begin to explore your options in industrial anti fatigue mats. These cushioned mats can be used for a variety of applications, but you must know which mat is best suited for your needs.

Rubber Is Your Most Durable Option

We offer a wide-range of ergonomic mats for indoor use. Many of our light and medium duty mats are made from PVC foam, EVA foam, and vinyl sponge. These options are ideal for work stations where you may stand for part of your shift, or for the rare occasions you must stand for long periods of time. However, these lighter materials are not as durable as rubber mats that can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on use and environment.

Environment-Specific Mats

When browsing through our industrial anti fatigue mats, be sure to see if there is a mat designed for your specific needs:

  • Antistatic mats are perfect for placing in front of high-static electronics
  • Interlocking mats work well for indoor gyms and playgrounds
  • Food service mats double as a no-slip mat in wet and greasy environments
  • Plastic grip mats are perfect for locker rooms and pools
  • You can even find mats that maintain their integrity with regular exposure to chlorine and many other harsh chemicals

Consider How Comfortable Your Current Flooring Is

Our ergonomic mats don’t just come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes—but also in a variety of thicknesses. As a general rule of thumb, the harder or less comfortable your current floor is to stand on for long periods of time, the thicker your mat should be. So, a mat placed on carpet or wood can often be thinner than a mat placed on cement or linoleum. That being said, the more stationary your team, the more you should consider a thicker and more comfortable mat.

Don’t Forget Your Design Aesthetic

Mats placed in industrial spaces, warehouses, assembly lines, kitchens, and other areas reserved only for employees—the visual appeal of your mats is less of concern. However, you may want more colourful and stylized mats for mats used by your customers, or which can be viewed by your customers. We have some great options, such as faux-marble, elegant texturizing, and a range of colors that can complement your décor. Your options will vary dependent upon the mat you have in mind.

Still Not Sure What Type Of Industrial Anti Fatigue Mat You Require?

We currently offer over 15 types of ergonomic and anti fatigue mats, runners, and interlocking flooring. Odds are, that you have at least a few you are trying to decide between. Give the Source Floor team a call today at 604 477 4455, and we can help you determine the right safety and comfort mats.

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  1. floor gonna be slippery without mats

  2. Mat says:

    It’s important to understand what materials the mat is made from. Natural rubber, for example, isn’t suitable for oils so a nitrile mat should be used instead. Always check the specifications.

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