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How to Clean and Disinfect Hard and Soft Surfaces – Downloadable Guides

Cleaning has never been as important or thought of as often as it is right now. At the beginning of quarantine, we noticed a sharp uptick in the search volume of how to clean and disinfect flooring- especially soft surfaces, so we updated our blog content to remind consumers of the proper cleaning steps and materials for all flooring surfaces, as well as what Health Canada is currently recommending for disinfectants.

As your stores begin to open back up, we want to provide these cleaning posts as downloadable PDFs that you can use to properly clean and sanitize your commercial space. These PDFs have been created by one of our flooring manufacturers so although they reference residential cleaning, the techniques and tips they describe are applicable to commercial, office, and retail environments as well.

Health Canada is maintaining and regularly updating a list of approved disinfectants to kill COVID-19, which you can see by clicking this link. Our preferred disinfectant is Vital Oxide, which is available here. Vital Oxide is approved by Health Canada to kill the coronavirus, is so benign that it is foodsafe and approved for use in kitchens, and has also been approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute as being safe for use on floors. Click here to find out more about Vital Oxide.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and wipe your feet!

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