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How Resistant Are Rubber Floor Tiles To Heavy Dumbbells And Barbells In A Gym Environment? 

Rubber flooring is one of the most popular options for gyms across BC. However, you might be wondering how resistant commercial rubber floor tiles may be. Your athletes and clients train hard, meaning that your flooring needs to be able to support the weight of accidental—and intentionally dropped heavy weights.

Commercial Rubber Floor Tiles Are Designed With Durability In Mind

Rubber floor tiles come in a variety of thickness, and when it comes to gyms we suggest nothing less than 8mm—but strongly consider somewhere between 10mm and 15mm. This level of thickness will be able to support the weight of your heavy equipment, and also your dropped weights. Otherwise, the sounds of weights hitting the floor can be startling, and can severely damage the floor beneath.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Rubber Tiles

Have you ever wondered why gyms use rubber tiles instead of mats? While some fitness centers utilize rolled mats that are glued down to the floor, this isn’t the most cost-effective option. Your gym is sure to have high traffic areas, where portions of the mat wear down sooner than others. Not to mention, that the tiles in your weight and equipment area will wear faster due to the extra weight they have to bear. To extend the life of your tiles, you can rotate tiles that are more susceptible to wear and tear. Tiles also make it easy to replace areas of your flooring that have been damaged when moving equipment, spillage, or other accidents and mishaps.

Dropped Weights Aren’t The Only Sounds That Transfer

If your gym or fitness center is located above another business, you may be utilizing your rubber floor tiles for more than just a shock resistant flooring. Gyms are noisy, especially during your peak hours. From the music, to the machines, enthusiastic trainers, and the volume of everyone working out at once. Your rubber floor will double as a sound barrier. However, your tiles may not be enough soundproofing for your gym.

Rubber Absorbs Shock And Improves Safety

Rubber floor tiles do an excellent job of absorbing shock on multiple levels. They absorb shock for your clients while working out, which minimize short-term and long-term injury. It also absorbs the shock when weights are dropped, meaning they are less likely to project after impact. For example, a 100-pound barbell may bounce after dropped on rubber—but it is unlikely to roll more than a few inches. You certainly can’t say this about wooden flooring.

Last but not least, rubber floor tiles are easy to clean, just wipe, sanitize and go—no buffing or polishing is required! Reach out to Source Floor today to discuss your options in durable flooring that can keep up with your active lifestyle.