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How much dirt does YOUR entrance mat trap?

How much destructive dirt and grit does YOUR entrance mat trap?

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This much dirt fell out of a 2-year-old Grizzly FX mat after we turned it face-down on the floor…and that’s after it had already been professionally cleaned once!  These 7’0 ” x 7’0″ mats are in service at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, a moderate-to-high traffic public market retail space.

This amount of dirt is typical for a main entrance to a large retail space from the outdoors.  The dirt is coming into your building whether you like it or not…the only difference is whether you would rather clean it up the easy way from a single concentrated spot (like a Grizzly FX mat), or the hard way after it’s been spread out all over your building’s interior.

And don’t forget – leaving dirt and sand like this on the floor is incredibly abrasive to your floor’s finish.  Dirty floors turn people’s shoes into sandpaper, just waiting to scratch the living daylights out of your installed flooring’s visible surface!  This kind of damage usually can’t be repaired – once it’s ruined, the floor typically needs to be replaced.

Save your floor – stop dirt at the door with a Grizzly FX mat from Source Floor & Specialties!