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How Long Do Commercial Floor Mats In Office Buildings Last Before They Need To Be Replaced?

How Long Do Commercial Floor Mats In Office Buildings Last Before They Need To Be Replaced?

As you start looking at your maintenance budget for the year, you may find yourself wondering what to budget for your commercial floor mats. There are several variables that determine when it is time to replace your mats, including the type of mat—and how much foot traffic you have. Every commercial floor mat provides a warranty and suggested replacements schedule, but you and your maintenance team should visually inspect your mats to confirm they are sound. The signs below are indicators it’s time to replace your mat.

When The Weather Changes

While you may not need to retire a floor mat, you may need to upgrade your all-weather mats during the wet and icy winter months. While you could, of course, utilize your winter mats year-round, switching them out seasonally is a strategy to consider.

In Times Of Peak Traffic

If you have a distinctly busy time of year, that is a perfect time swap out your mats. For example, shopping malls often replace their commercial mats during the Christmas shopping season. This not only keeps floors clean and shoppers safe, but makes sure the store entryway always looks its best.

Signs Of Visible Wear And Tear

Signs of visible wear and tear, may not always be exactly what you would expect:

  • Sun-faded mats aren’t just faded; their fiber is somewhat degraded meaning they can’t do their job.
  • If the rubber edges of your mat are chipped or worn, it is a sign that there is damage to the non-slip underside.
  • Slowly but surely the surface texture of your floor mats will begin to wear down. Once they are worn flat, it’s time for a new mat.
  • If your mats are rippled, or you constantly have to reposition them, they are no longer sound.

Other Signs Your Mats Are No Longer Getting The Job Done

A quality floor mat never slips and slides, that is unless it is worn to the point that it is no longer getting the job done. The only exception may be when you are utilizing a standard floor mat in wet conditions.

Make sure that your janitorial and maintenance team have clear and open communication. What they want to discuss is the frequency of mopping and cleaning has increased, if “footprints” are being tracked inside, and if the lobby floor beyond the mats is showing damage faster than usual.

As you can see, there is no magic formula to determine when it’s time for new floor mats. While some of the changes above may seem obvious, they happen slowly over time—meaning that you may not notice right away. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least one extra replacement mat of every size, and a full set of mats required for extreme weather. Source Floor has the commercial mats you need for every entryway, and can even consult on which mats are best for your foot traffic and weather. Reach out to us today to discuss your matting needs!

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    I remember going into my local Tesco during the last heavy snowfall, they had a couple of extra mats but they had become saturated and useless very quickly. I bet in normal conditions, they would be fine for far longer. How long a mat can remain effective really does depend on so many factors. Thank you for the information.

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