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How Long Do Commercial Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats Usually Last?

Ergonomics aren’t just for traditional office environments, which is why many factories, warehouses, restaurants, retailers, and businesses with employees who stand for long hours invest in anti fatigue rubber mats. These mats improve the employee experience by minimizing the physical pain and strain of standing all day long. Many factors contribute to the lifecycle of your commercial mats, a few of which are detailed below.

Frequency Of Use

If you operate a fairly traditional office where you provide your employees the option to both sit and stand while at their desk, your anti fatigue rubber mats will likely last for years. However, if you operate an assembly line where your mats are used constantly, and with a fair amount of foot traffic—you may have to replace them every 6 to 12 months.

The Quality Of Your Mat Matters

When ordering any type of commercial mat, you must ensure it is designed for the type of environment you manage or operate. For example, a restaurant kitchen requires a mat made with orange nitrile rubber backing that can hold up in wet and greasy environments. Mats on concrete floors need to be thicker than mats placed on carpet or wood, or they will thin quickly. Keep this in mind when comparing prices, because the wrong mat can wear out in a matter of months.

Proper Cleaning And Care

Each mat you order comes with instructions for general cleaning and care. As a general rule of thumb, mats will last longer if:

  • They are not placed in direct sunlight, which is not always feasible.
  • They are cleaned with water and mild cleansers.
  • They are not cleaned with abrasive brushes.
  • They are the correct type of mat for your environment.

Do You Really Need Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats?

Businesses who invest in quality ergonomic anti fatigue floor mats see their productivity rise. These mats improve circulation which is often decreased when standing still for long periods of time, which in turn decreases fatigue in feet, legs, knees, back, and neck. Yes, your employees can and should invest in proper footwear—but these commercial mats will provide the advanced ergonomics required to boost circulation. Even if standing is only required for part of a shift, why not make your employees more comfortable?

What Types Of Businesses Require Commercial Fatigue Mats?

The average business requires several types of commercial floor mats which are strategically placed throughout. Fatigue mats are ideal for any area employees remain stationary for long periods of time. This includes the cash register, while washing dishes or prepping food, in an assembly line, operating machinery, and more.

All in all, there is no general rule of thumb for how long your anti fatigue rubber mats will last. On average, mats are designed to last anywhere between 1 and 3 years—but your high footstep mats may last 6 months or less. Rotating mats in your high and low use areas can also extend their lifespan. For safety, replace mats once they begin to show visible signs of wear.

If you need help understanding which mat type is perfect for your needs, simply reach out to Source Floor today!

4 thoughts on “How Long Do Commercial Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats Usually Last?

  1. Mat says:

    People seem to think that Anti-Fatigue Mats are expensive, so go for the cheapest options available but then find they have to replace them frequently! Low-cost mats are great for low-duty environments but the harder the mat has to work (i.e. with oils, machine swarf, etc.) the more durable it needs to be.
    Thank you for the interesting article!

  2. P-Peerapat says:

    Well, Thanks for sharing this article.
    For me, I do agree with you. As standing for a long time can cause a significant health concern. Therefore, anti-fatigue mats are a great tool to help in the fight against the negative effects of prolonged standing.

  3. irma dean says:

    Few months back I purchased Kangroo anti fatigue mat but it failed to my expectation. I am looking for a good anti fatigue mat for concrete floors, can you please suggest one.
    Thank You

    1. Ross Ferguson says:

      Hi Irma, thanks for your question! Give us a call at 604-477-4455 and we’d be happy to find out exactly what your needs are and help you choose the right mat! Cheers 🙂

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