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Hair, nails, and tanning – why personal service businesses need sanitizing mats.

Personal service businesses – like hairdressers, nail salons, and sun tanning studios – have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and getting back on their feet is going to be a real challenge!  That’s partly due to the close physical quarters these sorts of services require, and partly because these services have to make their customers feel good along with looking good.

Those customer good feelings start with a feeling of safety and security as they enter your personal service business.  Clear, tangible demonstrations of the extra actions you’re taking to ensure their safety and well-being goes a very long way with creating that positive customer atmosphere.  There’s no better way to start making a great first impression than right at your front door with a Grizzly Sanitize matting system!

(“But I don’t touch the floor,” you’re thinking.  “Why does my business need a sanitizing entrance mat?”  The reason why might surprise you – see this article to find out!)

The need for specialty mats doesn’t stop with a Grizzly Sanitize system, however.  Social Distancing Mats and Directional Mats can help you keep your customers flowing in the correct one-way path while they’re moving through your salon and help maintain social distancing efforts.  If you’re in an area that allowed retail stores to reopen a few weeks or a month ago, then you’ll already know why social distancing mats are vastly superior to floor stickers – but if you don’t, click here to see the reason why!

Although dealing with the pandemic is top of mind for most businesses right now, smart businesspeople are looking further down the road into the future too.  Grizzly Sanitize matting systems are useful now, during the pandemic – but unlike the other sanitizing mat systems out there, Grizzly Sanitize remains useful even after COVID-19 is long gone.  That’s because Grizzly Sanitize mats are made from our famous Grizzly FX super heavy duty nylon matting that’s built to take the abuse of heavy duty commercial use and protect your installed flooring for years and years to come.

Every one of our Grizzly Sanitize systems and our Social Distancing Mats are custom-made to fit each specific customer’s space – unlike the competition’s “one size fits all” moulded plastic mats.  Getting a custom-fit matting system is easy, and there’s no custom upcharge or extended lead times – we actually make all of our mats right here, in Port Coquitlam!

Contact us to get started with a Grizzly Sanitize or a Social Distancing Mat for your salon today!