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Why are Grizzly Sanitize mats the best choice for grocery stores?

Grocery stores are one of those essential services that have remained open throughout the entire pandemic, and they’re one of the few retail locations that everybody has to visit at some point.  And just as grocery stores are uniquely necessary, they’ve also got unique needs when it comes to flooring – and especially sanitizing mats, for one big reason:

Grocery stores especially need sanitizing mats for the actual disinfecting action, AND for good customer optics.

Food-focused retailers know that cleanliness is king when it comes to building consumer trust.  If your store sells merchandise that your customers are going to eat, they’re need to trust that the food they’re buying is safe and healthy for them and their families.  The best way to build that trust is through clearly-visible actions that demonstrate your commitment to their health and wellbeing while in your store: sanitizing and disinfecting touchpoints like basket and shopping cart handles, ‘maintain social distance’ signage, and other notices that communicate what actions and activities your COVID-19 workplace safety plan includes.

If your customers don’t know what extra steps you’re taking (and costs you’re incurring!) to look out for their health and safety, then you’re losing out on half of the benefit of doing those actions.  Part of the benefit is to create customer goodwill and increase their trust in your ability to safely provide them with the goods they need in these uncertain times.  Taking care of what they touch with their hands is a good start, and taking care of what they touch with their feet finishes the job (don’t forget the dangers of that sneaky secondary contact contamination!)  But most sanitizing mats on the market aren’t compatible with wheeled traffic, like shopping carts and roller baskets – so what can a grocer use to keep her customers feeling safe?

It’s simple.  Grizzly Sanitize is the only sanitizing mat purpose-built for the unique needs of grocery stores.

Grizzly Sanitize is specifically designed to be completely compatible with wheeled traffic, like shopping carts and roller baskets.  Instead of the typical open tray moulded rubber style of sanitizing mats, Grizzly Sanitize uses a unique nylon sponge-style design to hold sanitizing solution in an ultra-low profile mat that doesn’t create a barrier to wheels.  And Grizzly Sanitize is built with our Cart Edge ultra heavy duty extruded vinyl ramped edging to make pushing shopping carts and wheeled baskets over the mat incredibly simple and low-effort.

Grizzly Sanitize comes in standard sizes, but is available in fully-custom shapes and lengths too with no extra custom surcharge or production delays!  We can tailor a Grizzly Sanitize system to fit your grocery store perfectly.

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