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Grizzly FX outlasts the competition – and we can prove it.

Grizzly FX is a super heavy-duty, premium quality commercial entrance matting product – but don’t take our word for it.  We can prove it!

We had Grizzly FX lab tested by Professional Testing Laboratory Inc., a totally independent professional lab in Dalton, GA (the “Carpet Capital of the World”).  We subjected Grizzly FX to the lab equivalent of 20,000 units of foot traffic  under the ASTM D6119 testing methodology (“Creating Surface Appearance Changes in Pile Yarn Floor Covering from Foot Traffic”).  And the results?

Grizzly FX scored 5.0 out of 5 on the Appearance Rating Scale:  “Excellent: No visual change noticeable”.  Click here to see the official test results yourself!

How does your mat compare?

Square foot for foot, Grizzly FX breaks even cost-wise with typical rental mat contracts after only 8 months…but Grizzly FX lasts for 5+ years.  Contact us today to make your building safer, cleaner, and better – and save yourself some money.

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