Floppy & Sloppy: Why Rental Mats Are Bad For Your Business

Imagine yourself walking into a retail store.  Does this look familiar?



What’s your first impression?  Do you have confidence that this retailer is organized enough to find your size, style, or colour?  Do you think their store will be neat, tidy, and a pleasant place to be?

Look at this bank.  What’s your first impression?


Check out those rippled, lumpy edges just waiting to be tripped over:


Is your first impression a good one?

All of these mats have two things in common.

1.  They are rented from a janitorial company that does everything from soup to nuts – and isn’t focused on flooring.

2.  They are casually tossed on the floor without any regard for the impression they make on your customers.  They don’t call these “throw-down mats” for nothing!

Think about it for a moment.  With rental mats, you’re allowing some other company to create your customer’s first impression of you!  Do you trust them to make that first impression a great one each and every time your customer walks through your doors?

The advantages of owning your own mats are numerous.

1.  Your mats can be ordered in custom sizes and shapes to fit your specific space.

2.  You can add your logo or other design to personalize your mats.

3.  Commercial-grade edging and materials keep your mats in place and flat on the floor – no trip hazards!

The most common objection to owning your own mats is having to clean them.  “Rental mats get picked up, laundered, and replaced automatically.”  Does this mat look freshly laundered and clean to you?


Your janitorial service is already coming in to clean your facility on a regular basis.  And if you have carpet, they’re even already vacuuming – so why not have them vacuum your own entrance matting too?  The maintenance is all the same – regular vacuuming, spot removal of stains, and periodic hot water extraction – nothing new or difficult.

Check out our Projects section to see some completed mats “in the field”!

We’ve helped hundreds of commercial clients make the switch from rental to owned mats, and we’d love to help you too.  Leave a comment below or email us if you’d like to get started!

2 thoughts on “Floppy & Sloppy: Why Rental Mats Are Bad For Your Business

  1. Bruce Knight says:

    Very good point, not only do the rental ones look ugly, but also liabilies come to mind, small children and the elderly tripping over, bumpy , sloppy mats and a custom mat with a logo looks so cool, I would like a couple for my house on the outside and the inside for dirty boots or shoes in the winter time as well as for my dogs tracking in and out

  2. C Carr says:

    Love these. They make more sense than the rental ones for sure. I can see a residential market for these as well. It would be awesome to be able to customize them for your home!! Is also appealing to those of us that are eco friendly.

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