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Floppy & Sloppy: First Impressions and Rental Mats

Rental mat services sound like a great idea at first…somebody drops off some launderable entrance mats at your retail store or office building, and then picks them up and swaps them out periodically with “new” ones.  They take the old ones away, wash them, and bring them back the next time they’re out to service your location.

But what good are mats that don’t actually do anything?

We’ve all seen mats like this, but have a look at these mats we spotted recently at a busy grocery store in Pitt Meadows:

They’re a wrinkled, lumpy, mess of a trip hazard!  Can you imaging trying to push a loaded grocery cart over this?

What kind of first impression does that give you as you walk into this grocery store?  Does it make you think that their produce, meat, and bakery is fresh and clean?  That they care about the health and safety of their customers?  Or does it make you wonder that if they keep their customer-facing areas looking like this, what does their back-of-house look like?

We can help!  Our Grizzly FX and Kermode entrance mats aren’t thin, floppy, and launderable.  They’re thick, sturdy, and built to withstand heavy duty traffic loads – not to be flimsy enough to go into an industrial washing machine like an oversized beach towel.  And our heavy duty Cart Edge is specifically designed to handle heavy rolling loads like shopping carts and wheelchairs without bunching, flopping, and wrinkling.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your entrance make a good first impression.