Entrance Matting for Office Towers

Premium, high-performance entrance matting for your office tower helps reduce your janitorial costs, reduces the wear and tear on your installed flooring, and improves your building’s overall appearance and quality.  We specialize in custom-fit entrance matting for professional office buildings to help them look their very best to attract and retain quality tenants and keep your operating costs down.

Entrance matting is the first physical touchpoint that your tenants have with your space.  The floor mat is the first part of a building’s interior that they directly touch, and your mats make a massive impact on their first impressions. Do they look clean and tidy, or are they dirty and covered in debris?  Do they properly fit the space, or are they a sloppy hodgepodge of mismatched throw-down mats? Do they feel stable and secure underfoot, or are they slippy and floppy?  Potential tenants make judgements about a building without even realizing they’re doing it…don’t let bad mats undermine your hard work.

Custom floor solutions from main lobby to C-suite.

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Flooring for Office Towers

Commercial carpet has come a long way over the last 20 years.  Available in more styles, formats, colours and patterns than ever before, carpeting your commercial space has never offered more flexibility and choice.  From traditional wall-to-wall broadloom to the flexibility and versatility of carpet tile, we can help you find a solution that meets your project’s needs.

The sheer number of broadloom carpet styles – from rich traditional colours and patterns to expressive contemporary designs – provides considerable creative possibilities for modern office environments. The modular nature of carpet tiles, however, provides nearly unlimited freedom for creative design without compromising the functional abilities of the flooring.  Multiple tiles and patterns can be used to create engaging and unique spaces  – demarcating elevator waiting zones, soft seating areas in lobbies, or creating borders in hallways and shared spaces– that simply cannot be achieved with rolled-out carpeting.





Melissa McComb
Melissa McComb
20:00 17 Jan 23
Working with Crystal has been an absolute pleasure! She has been thorough and helpful beyond all expectations. I would highly recommend using this company!
Daria Laforet
Daria Laforet
20:06 18 Feb 22
Excellent service and quality!
Shalue Bharj
Shalue Bharj
23:07 20 Sep 21
I'm a professional graphic designer, and wanted to create strong branding for my client's new auto repair shop. I purchased a new mat with the company logo and it came quickly and had great quality. I worked with Derek, who is responsive, kind and always available. Source Flooring is a great business to work with and I will always recommend them.
15:44 02 Sep 21
It was such a pleasure doing business with Source Floor. They were super responsive, helpful, reliable, and did a great install of the exact product we needed. They also worked within our budget which is always appreciated as we are a non-profit. Highly recommend!
Claire Helm
Claire Helm
20:53 02 Feb 21
These guys are the best! We ordered two of their custom / branded inlaid commercial doormats. Let me just say these are incredible quality, heavy duty design - I'm 100% confident they'll stand the test of time. Service was top notch, shipping and turnaround were unbelievably fast... I honestly can't recommend them enough! And they're Canadian to boot! Can't wait to get these mats to the new office. Thanks Source Floors 🙂



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