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First Impressions Are Very Important & So Are Your Entrance Mats

Here’s another set of entrance mats we spotted at a local chain grocery store in Burnaby.

What sort of first impression do these two mats make on you as a customer?  

  1. The mats are too small.  This entrance has double doors, and double doors need at least a 6’0″ wide mat – the bigger the better!  The rubber mat is sized for a single door, not a busy retail entrance.
  2. Rental mat flop.  Look at the corner of the indoor mat – launderable rental mats have to be thin and flexible enough to go inside an industrial washing machine…which means they’re thin and flexible enough to flop and become a tripping hazard.  Lightweight, flimsy rental mats cause nothing but problems in retail and commercial entrances – you’re almost better off with no mat at all!
  3. Wrong product choice.  Looking at the debris on the ground, this grocery store has a lot of trees and other foliage nearby that cause a lot of surface dirt.  A rubber mat isn’t the right choice for this kind of work – rubber mats like this are for high levels of water, not debris.  This entrance needs a proper entrance matting system, starting with a heavy-duty scraper mat to catch debris outdoors, and finishing with a heavy-duty wiper/dryer mat indoors that can withstand rolling loads from shopping carts.

We specialize in finding the right solution for your specific entrance needs, and we’d love to help you too!  Contact us today for a customized quote to keep your entrance looking clean, fresh, and safe…and making a good first impression on your customers.


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